In Memory of India

In Memory of  India Greyhound Bling Special- For The Remainder of September

September 9, 2003 – September 12, 2013


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India greyhound went to heaven and Rainbow Bridge Thursday evening. She was a wonderful greyhound with a huge heart of gold. She celebrated her tenth birthday on Monday. Do not be sad but instead please remember her for all the wonderful things she did to make many people laugh and learn! India as a puppy tore up my study Bible but her selections clearly were a message to me to spend more time having fun and less time working. She was extremely smart and learned how to do math problems with an answer up to fifteen at which point she ran out of paws, toes, ears and tail to assist her with the correct answer. She was a food hound who clearly showed you how to enjoy ice cream, cheese and cookies! India saved my life four years ago by waking me up when the gas furnace was malfunctioning and would have blown the house up if she had not awaken me. Most of all India had a huge heart of gold. She was a registered therapy dog and reading education assistance dog that helped children to read and learn math and helped elders smile and laugh on her visits to a variety of different places. She helped college students relax during the stressful final exam periods. Please do not be sad but just remember has as the fun loving, Frisbee playing, math whiz and ice cream cookie food hound who had a nonstop helicopter tail of happiness every single day of her life.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lorrie
    Sep 15, 2013 @ 08:20:19

    India was a dog of boundless joy and the clearest example on Earth of God’s command to us to simply LOVE one another. I understood (and share!) her cookie addiction and will always think of her whenever I use BLING because she wanted everyone to know she was a GIRL dog. I think she probably thought what better way to celebrate the joy and beauty and fun of life than with shiny, pretty things! India was a greyhound version of Tigger, complete with stripes, and she showed us how to overcome sadness with simple gratitude (her helicopter tail) and persevere with gentleness with her technique for getting everyone to pet her!. I am so glad and I rejoice that we had her in our lives for ten wonderful years!


  2. Michele Born
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 07:27:49

    You will be missed Indy. Pam, I pray that God’s embrace is tangible and will bring you much comfort and peace.


  3. Nicole
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 20:21:53

    Thinking of you and Gina. India was a wonderful dog and you gave her the best lift she could have ever hoped for.


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