Introducing Blush Whippet – Champion Hi Tor Body and Soul of Snow Hill

For anyone who has been following my blog, you know that I very suddenly and unexpectedly lost a very close friend on September 12, 2013, my greyhound, India. Gina has had considerable difficulty adjusting to the lost of her friend too. On September 15, 2013 an opportunity arose that was definitely heaven sent from India and God. Gina, my sister, and I had the opportunity to visit a breeder about an hour away from where we live who happen to have two adult retired champion show dogs available for adoption. When I got out of the car to investigate this possible lead I was dutifully selected and greeted by several dogs. One in particular made it very clear that I should pick her. After meeting the breeder, touring the location and a wonderful introduction to Gina whippet — one adult whippet named Blush took a ride home to her forever home. Gina right from the start has loved her new friend and they are getting to know each other more each day. In the two weeks that Blush has lived with Gina whippet and myself, Blush is teaching a lot about the importance of loyalty.

You know that it is impossible to buy loyalty, unconditional love, or friendship. However I think when the purchase price was quoted for Blush that I somehow knew I was buying  love, faith, and a new friend to help Gina and myself and our aching sad hearts and tears. Blush has already brought happiness to Gina, my sister and me with her helicopter tail and endless supply of kisses. The purchase price was small and Blush has a very trusting heart as she quickly bound into the new kennel and car for a ride to the forever home! She has given her devotion right from day one. So if you think that love, faith, hope, trust and devotion are not for sale………..may I suggest a purchase of a brown eyed, crooked ear, brown eyed dog with a helicopter tail!!!


Could you ever say NO to those eyes?

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  1. Martha
    Oct 05, 2013 @ 14:34:19

    I always loved Blush,both her personality and conformation! Glad she is happy in her new home! 🙂


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