Tutorial Thursday Origami Triangle Box

This past Sunday in the Share Sunday entry I included a triangle box. Today I have included pictures of triangle boxes I made with the Stampin Up Pretty Petals Designer Series paper and butterfly dies and the recently retired Stampin Up Winter Wonderland Designer paper.  I originally saw directions for this box in a recent issue of the Tattered Lace magazine. What do you think of the triangle boxes?DSC05065 DSC05064


Here are the instructions for making these triangle boxes which can be made with any weight and size paper.

This little box literally takes minutes to make. You can create this in almost any size paper as long as you start with squares!. A great origami that kids can make too!

You will need three sheets of square paper, any weight and size, this is a great introduction to ‘modular origami’ which uses more than one sheet of paper to make the final model. I suggest the use of a bone folder to get a crisp and accurate fold.

1. Start with 3 sheets of square paper, it doesn’t matter if the paper has a white side, you won’t see it.

2. Start white side up.

3. Fold the paper in half diagonally to make a triangle.

4. Fold the right and left corners up to meet the top of the triangle.

5. This is what you should have.

6. Unfold the left and right corners.

7. Fold the top point down to the middle.

8. Unfold the top.

9. Make two more exactly the same way.

10. Holding one in each hand, put the left side of the second one in your right hand into the opposite flap of the first one..

11. This is what it should look like.

12. Now put the third one into the second one.

13. Now bring the first one around to meet the third one to connect them all.

DSC04700 DSC04701 DSC04703

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