Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2016

This blog entry is for consideration as a member of the Graphic 45 Design Team.

Project One: Graphic 45 Artisan Jewelry Dresser

This dresser has eight drawers that can be used to keep jewelry in. I made it with the Graphic 45 Artisan paper and lined each of the drawers. Currently the dresser houses eight different micro albums that I made with the Graphic 45 Artisan paper!DSC05562 DSC05563 DSC05459 DSC05460 DSC05461  DSC05463 DSC05464   DSC05467 DSC05468  DSC05470 DSC05471  DSC05473 DSC05474  DSC05476  DSC05478 DSC05479  DSC05481 DSC05482 DSC05483 DSC05484 DSC05485


Project Two: Graphic 45 Bontanicabella Explosion Box

This explosion box is designed to fit a variety of pictures and journal spaces. The middle holds a wonderful suspended surprise!

DSC05490   DSC05493  DSC05495  DSC05497 DSC05498 DSC05499 DSC05500 DSC05501 DSC05502  DSC05504


Project Three: Graphic 45 Good Ol’ Sports

I made a mini album with this paper. I wanted the mini album to house photos and score cards from my local private golf course! I highlighted all the golf paper in the mini album which includes LOTS of places for photos and journal items.

DSC05509 DSC05510  DSC05512 DSC05513 DSC05514 DSC05515 DSC05516 DSC05517 DSC05518 DSC05519 DSC05520 DSC05521 DSC05522 DSC05523 DSC05524 DSC05525 DSC05526


Tutorial: Graphic 45 Gilded Lady Faux Book Project



  • Graphic 45 A Gilded Lady 12 x 12 Paper Pad
  • Graphic 45 A Gilded Lady Chipboard Pieces
  • Ivory cardstock
  • Paper flowers
  • Ivory ribbon
  • String of pearl embellishments
  • Scoring tool, bone folder
  • 1/2″ wide Scor Pal tape
  • Scoring board
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Foam dots
  • Adhesive




  1. For the box: Cut 12″x8″ ivory cardstock. Score vertically on 12 inch side at 5½” and 6½” from the left end. Round the corners, then crease the scores in mountain folds.
  2. Cut 36″ of ribbon and glue to the outside of the box front end to the back, centered along the opening edge. Make sure to leave about 10” to 12” to tie a bow. Cut two 5⅜”x7⅞” Graphic 45 A Gilded Lady paper and round the right corners to fit the rounded box corners on the front of the box and round the left corners to fit the round box covers on the back of the box. Glue front and back paper centered on the box front and box back.
  3. Cut 3¼”x7⅞” Graphic 45 A Gilded Lady ivory paper with text and score lengthwise 1⅛” from each side. Glue the center panel to the box spine. Then wrap the sides to the box front and back, and glue. Select and punch out the Graphic 45 A Gilded Lady chipboard pieces and glue to the front of the box as shown. Select flowers and glue to the lower left side of front box. Decorate front as desired with pearl embellishments
  4. For the inside right side of box: Cut two 4″x7½” and two 4″x5⅛” ivory cardstocks. Score lengthwise every ½”, then accordion-fold the scores and crease with the bone folder. Hold the ends of a short and long cardstock at 90º.
  5. Place the top layer of the short ivory cardstock piece on top of the long ivory cardstock piece. Insert the folds of the short piece between the folds of the long piece, pushing them together firmly. The bottom layer of the long piece will be on the bottom. Secure the top and bottom layers with Scor Pal tape.
  6. Repeat with the remaining two folded pieces. Then attach both right-angled pieces together at the corners in the same manner. Cut 5⅜”x7⅞” Graphic 45 A Gilded Lady paper, round hand corners and place on ride inside of the box. Place Scor Pal tape along the bottom surfaces of the box on the edge of the decorated paper, then attach it centered on the inside back.
  7. Cut ⅞”x7⅝” and 5¼”x7⅝” Graphic 45 A Gilded Lady Round left corners of the 5¼”x7⅝” to fit the rounded inside from cover. Glue the strip centered on the inside spine. Glue the paper centered on the inside front. Place a gift card or small gift inside the right side of the box, close the box, and tie the ribbons.

So what do you think?

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lorrie
    Mar 22, 2016 @ 19:37:10

    All of them are beautiful but the faux book is my favorite because it’s so clever and unique!


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