Tutorial Thursday Transforming Pinwheel

This week I have been featuring the wonderful transforming pinwheel by Robert Neale that originally was made with Post It notes! Here is the tutorial for this wonderful origami design that I featured on the Marvelous Monday posting.


Winner Wednesday Transforming Pinwheel

DSC05451DSC05452This is the card I showed Monday with the origami transforming pinwheel design. Who would like to win this card?

Marvelous Monday Transforming Pinwheel

DSC05450 DSC05451 DSC05452This card includes an origami fold called transforming pinwheel. It was a lot of fun to make! The original transforming pinwheel was desinged by Robert Neale from Pot It notes!

Share Sunday Heart Mini Tea Bag Holder

Happy Valentine Day! The inspiration for today’s project came from my recent adventures of teaching myself at least one new origami fold for each day in 2016. I am helped with a calendar that teaches a new fold every day. I wanted to incorporate an orgami heart in to a project that would have Steeped Tea tea bag samples. This is the project that I came up and I even have included the directions for how to make the heart! The directions was located at http://www.nickrobinson.info/clients/owrigami/diagrams.php

What do you think of the project?DSC05441Heart from 2007 calendar

Tutorial Thursday Love is in the Air

Frances Ow has a wonderful site at http://www.nickrobinson.info/clients/owrigami/index.htm that has several diagrams and videos for making a variety of origami hearts. I made this origami heart with Stampin Up Love Blossoms paper which is a beautiful mix of hearts and florals for those you love. This would be a wonderful project to make for the upcoming Valentine Day on February 14. I have included the folding instructions for this project that are also available on Francis Ow’s web site. What do you think?


Love Is In The Air

Tutorial Thursday Transforming Pinwheel

I had so much fun making this origami pinwheel card. The inside of the card has a pocket that can hold a gift card or money that you can give to someone special! This type of card can be made to close horizontally or vertically depending on the embellishments you add to the front of the card. Because of the origami transforming pinwheel as a vertical element, the horizontal fold is the best format for this card. Either way the card is easy and fun to make.

I have included instructions on how to make the transforming origami pinwheel. What do you think of the card?

DSC05451DSC05452Here is another example made with 4 inch square paper of the transforming pinwheel.




Marvelous Monday Sweet Heart Love Blossoms Mini Treat Bag

Next weekend will be Valentine Day! Today’s project features Stampin Up Love Blosssoms on a mini treat bag. Stampin Up Love Blossoms paper is a beautiful mix of hearts and florals perfect for those you love. This bag will fit treats or jewerly or other small items for your loved one.


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