Tutorial Thursday Stationery Box with CTMH Cut Above Cards and Tags

I had a lot of fun making this beautiful CTMH Bashful color stationery box with CTMH Cut Above cards and tags. I stamped the cards and tags.  I made the stationery box loosely following a tutorial on Splitcoasters.

1. Cut a piece of 12 x 12 inches piece of CTMH Bashful card stock. Score at 5 inches and 7 inches. Turn paper 90 degrees and score at 3 inches and 9 inches in the other direction.

2. Cut the sides to score lines. Fold these cut pieces into the center of the box and glue down for extra support. This becomes the bottom of the stationery box.

3. Cut 1 3/4 inches off each side of the two top panels only. Score the bottom panels at 1 inch and 11 inches.

4.Cut a piece of 8 1/2 inches x 4 1/4 inches of CTMH Bashful card stock. Score both short sides and one of the long sides at 1 1/4 inches. Trim the corners of this piece and apply glue to the scored sections. Fold up the top of the card box and attach this piece to the box to form the holder for the cards.

5. Cut a piece of 8 1/2 inches x 2 inches piece of CTMH Bashful card stock. Socre both short sides at 1/2 inch and 1 inch from each end. Apply glue along the outer score section area and attach to the front of the card holder.

6. For the top of the box cut a piece of CTMG Bashful card stock at 10 1/8 inches x 6 1/8 inches and score at 2 inches on all sides. Cut the vertical score line up to the horizontal score line and trim the corners. Fold the ends up to form the lid and glue in place.

7. Cut gold foil paper 1/8 inches smaller than all sides of the box and box cover and glue into place. Cut CTMH Bashful glitter paper 1/4 inches smaller than all sides of the box and box cover and glue on top of the gold foil paper.

8. Stamp, die cut, and mold three sets of Heartfelt Creations Classic Roses. Die cut one set of Heartfelt Creations Classic Rose vines in gold foil. Arrange roses and vines on the top and side of the box top.

What do you think of the stationery box? I am entering it in the a2Z Scrapbooking Anything Red and/or Pink Challenge.



Stampin Up Dove of Peace Gift Set


Peace Said the Dove

War! ‘ said the crow, ‘don’t listen to him
Let us feed on the dead on the ground,
For the song of love is a song unheard
Let us listen to the cries all around.’

‘Fight! ‘ yelled the hawk with a deafening cry
‘For they stole all our trees and our land,
And they ruined our world in which we live
With a cruel and uncaring hand.’

‘No’ said the thrush, ‘for I long to hear
All the songs that we used to sing,
Before they were drowned by the battle’s roar
Let us fly with the dove on the wing.’

‘Yes’ said the finch, ‘I agree with you
Let the world hear our songs once more,
Let us sing now for peace just as loud as we can
In the hope we can end this war.’

So peace won the day and the birds did sing
Till the soldiers began to hear,
Then one by one they did lay down their arms
And the smoke then did slowly clear.

I love this stamp and enjoyed making this gift set. The video was created on Veteran Day but unfortunately I did not get it posted as originally planned. The free directions for this gift set can be found here for personal use. Dove of Peace Gift Set
Please let me know if you found this video and directions helpful. I am working on creating additional instructional videos and written instructions if blog viewers find it useful.

Stampin Up Dove of Peace Card, Tag and Box Set

I have one request that we attempt to achieve PEACE this holiday season. This is a card, box and tag set I made recently with the Stampin Up Dove of Peace stamp. What do you think?

DSC04797  DSC04800 DSC04801 DSC04802 DSC04803