Cookie Monster


Important is a Must Know Word!

To Help Solve Math Problems!!!

How Do you Enjoy Your Cookies? Fast or Slow?

Enjoy Cookie Monster teach about fast and slow. So…. how do you enjoy your cookies?

Zero Cookies

I like cookie monster and the lessons taught through this wonderful character. This month Cookie Monster helps young and old learn about ZERO Cookies! Enjoy.

Cookie Monster Choosing Cookies

Today, Feburary 23, is International Dog Treat/Biscuit Day.  Enjoy a cookie today with your dog! This video will help you and your dog make the proper cookie selection.

Which Cookie Shape Tasted Best During the Holiday Season?

Cookie Monster will provide you with an answer!

Happy New Year

Cookie monster encourages you to start the year out right with healthy treats!

How are the Christmas cookies coming?

Cookie monster and Ernie make Apple Walnut Cookies. This is an easy recipe to help get the Christmas cookies done in no time flat. Do you like the recipe?

Cookie Monster Contacts Santa Claus

I apologize for the change from my usual posts with paper crafting inspiration! At Christmas time I celebrate the birth of Christ. My dogs Gina and Blush whippets seemed to remember my wonderful India greyhound’s LOVE for cookies. I thought that Cookie Monster provides a wonderful respite for a little laughter during the season of love, peace and giving!!! Oh, and Gina whippet and Blush whippet have a request for Christmas¬† —- COOKIES!

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